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High Pulp – Mutual Attraction Vol. 1

High Pulp –

Mutual Attraction Vol. 1

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The 8-piece band returns with their Psychedelic fusion of Hip-Hop, Funk, Jazz, and Soul on their second KingUnderground release, Mutual Attraction Vol 1. A series of inspired and reimagined covers from three iconic jazz artists that have woven their influences into the DNA of High Pulp.

Alice Coltrane – Journey In Satchidananda.
By High Pulp.

“I am deeply grateful for how Pharaoh Sanders, Alice Coltrane and Sun Ra, each in their own way, invite the listener to attend to the pure sound (and silence) from which the note emerges, the organic pulse that creates rhythm. The musical wisdom contained in their work is an antidote to rigidity and a cause for endless optimism,” says the group’s saxophonist, Andrew Morrill.

Pharoah Sanders – Astral Traveling.
Covered by High Pulp.

On these arrangements, High Pulp taps into their signature sound, while allowing the original composers to speak and inform their creative process. Bobby Granfelt (drums) says:


“Often times when we’re writing our original stuff we like it to take different twists and turns from a song structure point of view, but all these jazz covers challenged us, and subsequently influenced us on what it means (and when it’s appropriate) to lock into something trance-like. Sometimes you can overwrite and learning to trust in simplicity has been a big step in our growth.”


Sun Ra – There Are Other Worlds.
Covered by High Pulp.

Photo of Antoine Martel.

The band shows unique skill, poise, and top-class musicianship far beyond their short few years together. The results are a spiritual journey and a refreshing take on improvisational 60’s and 70’s Free Jazz.

Now playing:  Various Artists. Picked by High Pulp.

The selections on this playlist were predominantly chosen by the groups two keyboardists Antoine Martel and Rob Homan, so naturally, there is some amount of music that is doing interesting and unique things in the realm of keyboards, synthesizers, and electronics.


“What really connects each tune in the playlist is the fact that either Antoine or I (oftentimes both of us) have found the tune to be utterly addicting,” says Homan.


Among others, you will spot a handful of tunes created by High Pulp side-projects – Sunking, Acid Cloud, and Teleporter.

By Dan Cable 22-Oct-2020

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